Do you feel better for a while but then the pain or tension just keeps coming back? 
Are you tired of chasing your pain around, stuck in the same old holding pattern?

Find out what the root dysfunction is feeding your pain. Don't treat your symptoms, treat your problem, let go of your pain and finally restore function and balance. Make Vital Balance Therapy your first resort, not your last resort!

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Get Lasting Results So You Feel Better And Stronger For Longer

Eliminate Pain
Restore Functional Movement
Correct Postural Imbalances
Pain isn't always where the problem is.
Colin is here to help you overcome your pain.

In order to eliminate that pain, you need to determine where the dysfunction is that is causing it. Vital Balance Therapy uses Sports Medicine Acupuncture®️, Orthopedic Acupuncture, RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, Neurokinetic Therapy and Manual Osteopathic techniques to determine the source of your pain and correct any dysfunctions or postural imbalances caused by your injuries to restore functional balance.

We look at function not just structure to determine the root issue contributing to your condition. Your whole body is taken into consideration because more than one body system will be involved. As the body tries to remain functional, compensation patterns set in from your dysfunction.One of the keys to a positive outcome is finding what muscle group is influencing another and as a result affecting the joint at that location or the one above or below.

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"I highly recommend going to see him...

I’ve been an athlete my entire life with countless injuries. When I started to get persistent back pain that I couldn’t just stretch and strength train out, I found Colin. He focuses on actually figuring out and addressing the root of the issue. After a few sessions with Colin and I finally had relief. I’d go to him once a week if I could."

- Heather B.

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Imagine how great it is going to feel when you are no longer in pain...

...when you can move freely and are not limited by the patterns of tension you have been holding on to all this time. Book an appointment to start your journey to recovery today.
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