Do You Struggle with Chronic Pain or Discomfort?

Living with chronic pain or discomfort can make even the simplest tasks feel overwhelming. Whether it's due to an old injury, surgery, or stress, these issues can disrupt your daily routine and diminish your quality of life.

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At Vital Balance Therapy in Coquitlam, our expertise in Osteopathic modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy and Neurokinetic Therapy allows us to pinpoint the root cause of your discomfort and provide effective, tailored treatments. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, concussion, TMJ, headaches, whiplash, or other recent injury, we're here to guide you on your path to recovery.

How Craniosacral Therapy Can Help You


Holistic Assessment

We pinpoint the root cause of your pain for targeted treatment.

Balance Restoration

We address imbalances in your nervous system to promote healing.

Inclusive Care

Our treatments benefit individuals of all ages and activity levels.

Discover the Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy in Coquitlam

Identify and Treat Root Dysfunction: Craniosacral Therapy and Neurokinetic Therapy helps pinpoint the body’s root dysfunction and addresses it effectively to relieve pain.

Balance the Autonomic Nervous System: This therapy balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of your autonomic nervous system, promoting overall well-being.

Suitable for All Ages and Lifestyles: Whether you are 12 or 83, Craniosacral Therapy offers benefits for everyone, regardless of age or activity level.

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