"After a couple of visits to Vital Balance Therapy, I noticed my back became less tense and the pain subdued...

Back in 2021 I had severe pain in my lower back which made it hard for me to move. Progress was slow with conventional treatment and I had to take time off of my crucial training.

After a couple visits to Vital Balance Therapy I noticed my back became less tense and the pain subdued. I was able to recover from my injury and get back to training within a few weeks, just in time to get back to my upcoming tournaments!

Not only can Colin help with injuries but his sports medicine acupuncture and other therapies can make a difference to performance. He also gave me corrective exercises for my condition to help with injury prevention."

- Isabelle H.
Gold Medal - 2024 Varadero Panamerican Open | Sliver Medal - 2022 Bogota, Columbia Panamerican Open | Bronze Medal - 2022 Winterhur Senior European Cup | Bronze Medal - 2022 Santo Domingo Pan -American Cup | Gold Medal - 2019 Junior Panamerican Cup in Montreal | Bronze Medal - 2019 Santo Domingo Pan American Open 

I am so grateful I found Colin!

I have been struggling with low back, hip, knee and foot pain for about 8 months. I have seen multiple specialists during this time including physio, massage, and acupuncture. I found Colin online after no treatment seemed to work for me. After my 4th session with Colin, I went from being only able to walk 1 km to walking 20 km. He addresses issues that no other specialist I have seen does; not just what is "tight" but also what is not firing/working. We are still in progress to get me back to 100% but the progress is amazing, and I am so grateful I found Colin!

- Katka G

" Colin has been indispensable in my quest for personal healing after suffering a significant concussion.

I was not satisfied with the health outcomes attained through a comprehensive series of post-concussion physiotherapy protocols. The end result still left me with much less health, comfort and capacity than before my concussion. Not willing to settle, I sought out craniosacral therapy and was fortunately recommended to Colin. 

He never stops learning, and his vast array of scientific knowledge, training, and a holistic approach make him a rare and valuable healthcare practitioner in what the traditional medical establishment might term alternative healing arts. The multi-facited medical treatments under his care have significantly improved my quality of life. 

I experience more energy, clarity of though and vision, range of mobility, relief from chronic discomfort and tension, skeletal realignment and an overall sense of well-being. I am extremely grateful for is dedication and care. "

- Brenda L.

"I have been making appointments with Colin for about three years...

One reason is chronic osteoarthritis in my foot/ankle and secondarily for various strains and aches caused by too much time on a computer. He has helped. Colin is a very good therapist to that I have no concerns about referring people. I have done so on many occasions. He constantly keeps himself current with the sole goal of improving the lives of his patients.

- Alan Jones

"His experience, extensive knowledge, and caring demeanour are truly exceptional!...

Colin is a brilliant and skilled practitioner. He has helped me so much over the last few years with both his acupuncture treatments and functional medicine consults. I am grateful to have him as a part of my healthcare team and I know he is committed to improving the health of anyone that walks into his office! I would recommend him to anyone!

- Mandy Lee-O'Neill