Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You have one muscle group that is overworking and tight and is causing another muscle group to be underactive and weak.

This typically causes another muscle group to work as a compensator for this dysfunctional pattern and that is where you will often feel the pain. The longer a restriction has been in place the more persistent the restriction and the greater the layer of compensations that often result as the body attempts to remain functional.

If you receive treatment for the painful area only it will temporarily feel better but it will not correct the underlying dysfunction and the pain will return along with an increased stress response and you will never establish a new pattern of movement or function. 

This is why you may not be getting better even though you have tried a lot of things.

The right services can make a difference

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Stop chasing your symptoms around.

The key to treatment success is being able to ascertain the body’s root dysfunction and where the pain is being generated and then address that dysfunction with the appropriate therapy. 

The other aspect that is critical to healing is addressing the imbalance of the parasympathetic (rest, healing and calming) and sympathetic (flight-flight-stress) branches of the autonomic nervous system. Any kind of injury, trauma, pain, surgery, scar or stress to the body upregulates the sympathetic nervous system.

You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from treatment at Vital Balance Therapy. It is the principles behind the Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Osteopathic therapy that provide the best outcomes. We have seen patients from 12 to 83 years old. Pain knows no boundaries, so don't let age or lifestyle deter you from seeking help!

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Acupuncture, RAPID Neurofascial Reset and manual osteopathic techniques can address the ongoing inflammatory process from chronic conditions and the central nervous system response that keeps you in that hyperregulated state impairing the healing process. 

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