Is Neck Pain Holding You Back?

Neck pain can make even the simplest tasks feel like a struggle. Whether it's difficulty turning your head or constant discomfort, it can significantly impact your daily life.

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At Vital Balance Therapy in Coquitlam, we specialize in Sports Medicine Acupuncture, Neurokinetic Therapy and Manual Osteopathic Techinques for neck pain, offering personalized treatments to alleviate discomfort and promote healing. Our experienced practitioner is dedicated to helping you achieve a balanced, pain-free life.

Effective Therapy for Neck Pain in Coquitlam


Personalized Treatment Plans

Tailored acupuncture and osteopathy sessions designed to target your specific neck pain.

Experienced Practitioners

Our skilled therapists bring many years of expertise to ensure effective pain relief.

Holistic Approach

Combining orthopedic acupuncture with osteopathic and holistic therapies for comprehensive care.

Manual Osteopathy and Sports Medicine Acupuncture For Neck Pain In Coquitlam: Benefits You Can Trust

Effective Pain Relief: Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Neurokinetic Therapy targets the root cause of your neck pain to improve overall comfort.

Holistic Healing: This natural treatment helps to facilitate your body's own healing processes for long-term wellness.

Personalized Care: Our practitioners tailor each session by integrating multiple modalities/techniques to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results.

Effective Therapy for Neck Pain in Coquitlam

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